Gregbo Watson

Gregbo  Watson is a professional artist and comic illustrator with  a twisted imagination and darksense of humor. Both of which are mirrored  in his art and illustration style. His work is heavily influenced by  the many ghostly legends and southern folktales he was raised on during  his childhood. Spooky stories filled with offbeat characters, wicked  witches, ghosts and goblins fascinated his imagination. ​ Gregbo  does commissions and works on freelance projects from his studio in  Easley, SC. He has worked on projects for Marvel Comics, Zenescope Entertainment,  Upper Deck, among others. Some of his credits include: “Alice In  Wonderland” 10th Anniversary One-Shot, “Death” 10th Anniversary  One-Shot, “Wonderland : Down The Rabbit Hole” (mini-series), “Grimm  Fairy Tales” Holiday Special, “Van Helsing Vs. Dracula” (Cover), “Grimm  Tales of Terror” (Cover). 

Mark Texeria

Mark  Texeira is a professional fine art painter and comic illustrator with  quite an impressive resume in the world of Comic Books. He was born and  raised in New York City where he eventually attended High School of Art  & Design in the 70's & went on to attend School of Visual Arts  in the 70's - 80's. Mark studied Oil Painting under David Laffel for 2  years in the Art Students League ​ Mark  started his professional career  with DC Comics in 1981 while working  on Swamp Thing Annual (Movie Adaptation). He also continued "Warlord"  after Mike Grell moved on and other such titles as "Hex","Batman" &  "He-Man" for Matel. In 1985 he started working for Marvel on "Buckaroo  Banzai", "Psi Force" & "Spider-Man".  In 1988 he worked with  Continuity, pencils on "Megalith" as well as advertisement art. In  1990's Mark started working on "Punisher" (pen & ink), "Ghost  Rider", "Sabretooth", "Wolverine" and many others. Currently Mark is  also working on his own graphic series, "Pscythe" which will debut in  the next year or so.

James Christopher Hill

James  Christopher Hill is a local artist from Charleston, South Carolina. He  is a man of many talents. His art ranges from traditional American  realism and contemporary romanticism of  landscapes and skyscapes to  traditional portraits and figures to Illustrative works of Science  Fiction, Fantasy and Gothic/Horror genre. James alternates between  traditional techniques in oil painting of Glazing and Layering to Alla  Prima while he captures the essence of the exact moment in time while  achieving optical glow lighting effects in his paintings that fool the  human eye. He also is highly skilled in digital painting and creation  for Illustration, Concept Design and even what is now considered Fine  Art.  Digital painting can be just as if nor more challenging as any new  medium to learn and create dynamic story-telling paintings which are  becoming more sought after every year as the bar of artistic talent  exponentially escalates each year from various digital artists.  ​ We are proud to welcome James to his 3rd year at our Florence Comic Con. Be sure and stop by his table to see his amazing art. 

John Hairston Jr.

John  Hairston Jr. has been an artist for as long as he can remember. A North  Carolina native, he created art before he could read or write.  Throughout his grade school years, he spent the majority of his time  drawing superheroes and listening to any old soul or Hip Hop records he  could get his hands on. Little did he know that his love for all things  spandex-clad and funky would play such a major role in his development  as an artist. Under the guidance of his high school mentors and college  professors, he learned to tap into these components to create a style of  artwork that seamlessly blends political satire, social commentary and  obscure pop-culture references. Hairston graduated from the University  of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in  Illustration and began his career as a professional artist illustrating  storyboards for a string of independent films and several television  ads. He has done commissioned pieces for numerous art collectors and  various non-profit organizations. Hairston's work is currently on  display in various art galleries all over the East Coast and Charlotte,  NC. 

Ernie Snuggs

As  an result of severe climate change, Ernie Suggs long left the life of a  wild and rarely photographed mountain yeti to peruse a simple existince  as a guy who draws stuff for fun and dabbles in photography. With few  accomplishments under his belt in either field, he still holds many  pancake and pie eating championships throughout the northeast and  performed worldwide under a mask as famed luchador "El Diablo DePaco  Rodriguez." ​ He  enjoys being a part of the Florence Comic Con because it gives him the  opportunity to "interact with the normies without provocation from the  wildlife association." He runs on the finest high octane coolocity,  kicks more butt on accident than most do on purpose, and is not above  charging money for hugs. He is your favorite guy with a penchant for  doodles and drawings that he hopes you'll buy. ​ He is Ernie Suggs. But you already know.  He is Ernie Suggs. And he'd like to say hello. 

Gwendolyn Tennille

Special Guest

Gwendolyn  Tennille is a full-time super hero which includes duties such as  motherhood, grandmother spoiling, artistry, illustrating, and writing.  She lives in Florence, SC and owns and operates GreenWitch Designs which  she uses to house the art, illustrations, children's books that she  has written and illustrated, as well as book cover art.  ​ Gwendolyn is an  established illustrator in the OZ universe, having done art for authors  such as Ron Baxley, Jr., James Wallace II, Amanda Wallace, and even  taken a couple of turns doing her own books. ​ She has also participated  in the "Play Me, I'm Yours" International Art Installation. This  installation has been all over the world and in 2015, it came to  Florence, South Carolina. Gwendolyn has been involved in homeschool groups, comic book appearances, book store and festival appearances. Her OZ work includes  Illustrations for “Of Cabbages, Kings, and Even Odd Queens”, “The  Slippers of Oz”, “The Talking City of Oz”, as well as author and  illustrator duties for the books “Scraps New Shoes” and “Tik Tok &  the Timekeeper’s Clock”. She also has written non-Oz novels, such as  mystery/psychothriller,  “In the Dark”. ​ Gwendolyn donated her  original art pieces to the All Things Oz Museum in 2015, and became part  of a permanent collection in June 2016 at the birthplace of OZ, L.  Frank Baum’s hometown, Chittenango, NY. 

Larry Mainland

Professional Actor & Stuntman - Special Guest

Larry  Mainland is best known as a Featured & Promotional Zombie from "The  Walking Dead".  His image was the first to be released from the set  before the show aired and has been used extensively for advertising in  more than 140 countries.  He has been on the cover of numerous  magazines, such as "Entertainment Weekly" in the US and "SFX", the #1  Sci-Fi magazine in the United Kingdom, twice and almost countless  articles worldwide.  He can be seen on t-shirts, mugs, buttons and  virtually anything you can put an image on, including board games and  even on "Xbox Live".

      As a Ghoul in the movie, "Goosebumps", Larry can be seen on board games, in many books, and on various merchandize.
    Recently, Larry was fortunate to appear as an Obnoxious Zombie on TBS,  in the new TV game show, "Separation Anxiety".  He has also appeared  this season on TruTV’s "The Carbonaro Effect", as Sir James Oglethorpe.

Other Film and TV credits include such notables as: "The Three Stooges", "Contagion", "Sick People", "Level Up", the movie
"Remnant" and "Home" ...just to name a few.

You can see all of Larry’s credits on

He’s also been photo featured by "I Am Me Magazine" and interviewed  countless times, most recently by "Stiff Magazine", "Zombie Nation  Magazine" and on the new, web-based talk show, "Two Irish Girls  Unfiltered".

You can find Larry on:
His new website -
Facebook at
Twitter at
Instagram at 

Sonya Thompson

Professional Actor - Model - Artist

Sonya  Thompson has played roles from detective to zombie, not only in film  but also prime time TV. Although, she has done many roles, what she is  known for has been her main zombie roles in the film "Zombieland" and  the hit AMC TV show "The Walking Dead"(Season 1 & 2).    Her  modeling experience came in handy as a promo zombie for the TV show  "The Walking Dead" and those photos are some of the most seen in the  world for advertisement. She has been featured on many magazine covers  as well as utilized on posters, tee shirts, bill boards, DVD/Blu Ray  covers, trading cards and was also featured in the Walking Dead Comic  book issue #75, along side the main cast. This will be Sonya's 2nd time  joining us for the Florence Comic Con. 

Misty Yates


Misty  Yates burst onto the convention scene by accompanying her boyfriend  (Gregbo Watson) to cons where she began cosplaying at his booth just for  fun. Through her creative costumes, eye for detail, and love of comic  fandom, it didn’t take Misty long to quickly become well known as a  fan-favorite in her own right. She has won competitions and awards  throughout the Southeast, including “Best of Show” at Florence Comicon.  Now, when not competing, Misty brings a wealth of cosplay knowledge and  experience to many competitions as a judge.    In  2017, Misty will be joining the Florence Comic Con committee &  taking on the role of Cosplay Director. Welcome aboard Misty.